About Us

Since 1968

We’ve traditionally been a live auction. You know, like you’ve seen in the movies – a fast talking auctioneer, winking customers, heated battles… but in 2020, everything changed. A pandemic forced us to pivot to online auctions. The delivery changed, but we remain the same family you’ve known all this time, one that’s dedicated to this industry. Because we believe in our purpose to preserve history, keep it out of our landfills, provide for those who are less fortunate, and contribute to a greener future for our children (and have fun along the way).


Bob Brooks loved two things: his family and music. Because he was born with a speech impediment, he often listened to his two loves more than he talked. At parties, he kept himself busy taking care of everybody else, but all the while bobbing his head to the Allman Brothers (the album somehow finding itself on repeat) and quietly laughing to the stories being told around him. So this quiet, industrious man thought the best route to take would be to stand in front of hundreds of people and bid call, with no break, for hours on end. And he did this week after week, month after month, for more than 50 years. And we will miss him.

"Could be yours."
Bob Brooks

Kelly Brooks Gigantone

Martie Gigantone

Quintin Brooks

Patricia Brooks