When will the next live auction be?

For now, we only have online auctions planned.

Can I preview items before an online auction ends?

Yes, we are open to preview during our normal business hours. No appointment necessary.

Do I need an appointment to pick up my items that I won?


How will I know if I won what I was bidding on?

Once the auction ends, you will get an email letting you know you won and what to do from there.

Can I drop off items to sell without an appointment?

No. If you are interested in dropping off items, please send pictures of the items to info@brooks.auction along with your name and if you would need them picked up or if you would be able to drop them off yourself. If you would need them picked up, please also include your location.

Will you sell my items from my house like an estate sale?

No. Everything that is saleable will be brought to our location where it will be cataloged, photographed, and listed in one of our online auctions by our team.

Do you charge my card automatically when I win?

No, you card will not be charged automatically. You can pay when you come to pick your items up with your card, cash, or a check.

What happens if I don’t pick up my items?

If your items go unclaimed for too long, you will receive an email letting you now when your card will be charged and that you may start collecting storage fees.