Consigning with Brooks Auction

Brooks Auction holds an online auction every week, consisting of up to 50 consignors and selling up to 1,000 lots. Items range from 18th-century antiques to contemporary used furniture, including vehicles, tractors, tools, jewelry, coins, and everything in between. We specialize in estates and private collections as well as perform full cleanouts. If you’re overwhelmed with stuff, we’re here to help.


Interested in consigning with us? Here’s how it works.


We need to know what kind of items you have. If you only have a handful of items, please send pics to Here’s a tip: on either an Apple or Android device, go into your photo album after taking a few pictures and create an album. Then, send the album as a link. This might save you having to send multiple emails.

If you have more than a few items, because you’re downsizing or if you’re an executor handling an estate (and a literal full house), we can schedule an on-site consultation and a FREE quote. 

Note: Brooks Auction will assess items on a case by case basis, and reserves the right to refuse offensive material or items that promote hatred. Brooks Auction will not sell anything illegal, including concealed weapons or guns of any kind, taxidermy, or counterfeit.


In either of the above scenarios, we charge a fee for removal services. But we also sell items at auction. Picture a balance scale. On the one side, there’s the bad number – the cost, as broken down below. On the other side, there’s the good number – the total gross sale at auction. As the scale balances, the two sides offset. We make our best prediction as to how that scale looks.


Commission rates are $1.00 per lot sold, plus

$5.00 – $50.00 = 25%

$51.00 – $150.00 = 22.5%

$151.00 – $350.00 = 20%

$351.00 – $500.00 = 17.5%

$501.00 and up = 15%

Labor Fee for Pick Up, Saleable

$1.75/cubic foot

Disposal Fee, Non-saleable

$2.00/cubic foot


Our crew comes out and does the heavy lifting. We provide all the packing supplies, boxes, and tools. We’re not just pretty faces; if you have any questions, the crew is trained to make decisions out in the field, and can answer all your questions. 


To save on labor fees, you may be able to schedule an appointment to drop off your items.

Either way, once the items are at the auction house, your consignment will be unpacked and cleaned. All items will be inspected, photographed, and catalogued by our trained staff to be listed in our online auction. We welcome descriptions written by you, the consigner, provided they are accurate, and if necessary, with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Items will be advertised by our staff, providing descriptions and reaching the most qualified buyers. Each auction is advertised via social media and email campaigns. All items are highlighted with individual photographs and descriptions and all items will be available for physical inspection prior to the final auction day.


Items can be viewed for inspection by appointment prior to the confirmed auction date. The entire facility is protected by 24-hour video surveillance and monitored by Brooks Auction staff. Items may also be previewed after hours by special appointment.


Proceeds and statements will be mailed on the Wednesday two weeks from the end of the sale. We offer one of the quickest turnarounds in the industry. Issues and matters of contention with the consignment proceed and statement must be brought to attention within 30 days of the auction date. Please contact with a detailed description of any concerns and a representative will get in touch as soon as possible.